Meet the team

People & Animals of the Botanical Gardens

George Patterson


George Patterson founded Tofino Botanical Gardens in 1997. He has guided the Gardens through a vivid thirty years of enjoyment from visitors. George lives on site with his wife, Josie Osborne.

In 1991 George Patterson was a co-founder in of the Clayoquot Biosphere Project and has been involved in efforts to encourage research and educational activities in the area for close to thirty years. He served as a director of the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust for the first five years of the CBT’s existence.

“Gardens, at their best, are a place where people collaborate with Nature.” – George Patterson

Daisy & Gilbert

Gilbert is our cheeky Toggenburg goat and Daisy a charming Angora goat. They have been living at the Gardens since 2014. Both the goats are very gentle and love meeting children and families. They love to eat anything green, long beach walks with staff, and head scratches.

Colonel Orson & His Ladies

This family rarely stays still and helps manage the slug population in the gardens. Colonel Orson and his family love the pond and marching around the property. They are hilarious to watch, and a big staff favourite. In late May 2019 the trio produced several fuzzy little ducklings.

Gomez & His Ladies

Gomez is our resident bantam rooster. Although he is the smallest rooster on the property, he is the loudest. Gomez proudly leads a band of petite bantam hens. We love our cute little bantam chickens who enjoy their free range lifestyle here at the Gardens.

The Team of Red Jungle Fowl

Approximately 20 Red Jungle Fowl chickens reside free range at the Gardens. These chickens help manage the pest population on our plants so that we do not need to use any pesticides. Naturally, they also help fertilize the Gardens. Our gang of Jungle Fowl are showstopping, colourful and their antics deserve a full afternoon of chicken watching – sightings guaranteed!