We have developed a COVID-19 safety plan so that we are operating Darwin’s Cafe in the Tofino Botanical Gardens in the safest way possible. We have taken multiple steps to ensure the safety of our staff and visitors alike. We will outline these steps in this plan so that it is very clear what we have been doing for the public and our team.


1) Within the cafe we are only allowing a maximum of 7 people. On property we have a maximum number of 30 people and when holding events we have set a maximum number of 50 people with a preference to people who reside on Vancouver Island and British Columbia. 


2) We have stickers reminding our guests and staff to keep 2 meters apart on the floor.


3) We have put up plexi glass over our counter to ensure our staff have a bearer between themselves and our visitors. We have included this barrier in our cleaning protocols. 


4) We have spread out our tables and taken away chairs from inside and outside to help people keep their distance from each other. We don’t set tables up with more than 6 chairs per table. 


5) We have posters on both entrances and behind our counter reminding our guests and staff to keep their distance, to wash their hands frequently, reminding people what the maximum allowance for guests in the cafe and outside on the property as well as to stay home if guests or staff are feeling unwell. 


6) Have masks for sale as well as available for our staff and guests to use if they would like. 


7) We have involved multiple people in the choices we have made around our safety measures to ensure we have identified areas that are frequently used by our team and visitors.


8) We have clearly communicated our rules and guidelines to our workers through a combination of training and signage. 


9) We have policies in place that ensure adequate hand washing and also have ongoing communication about good hygiene practices with our staff. Frequent hand washing and good hygiene practices are essential in reducing the transmission of the virus. We have posters reflecting this messaging behind the counter for staff and well as reminders for our visitors. 


10) We have adequate sinks for hand washing. 


11) We have ensured disinfectant spray bottles and enough cloths are available for our staff to clean all frequently used surfaces. 


12) Our staff work alone for the most part to lessen any crossover. We have policies in place to ensure if anyone on our team is sick that they take time off. 


13) We have multiple hand sanitizer bottles around the entire property.